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Friant & Associates, LLC

In-House Graphic Designer, Oakland California

Friant is a company that specializes in modern workspaces that fits every client's needs.


During my 2 years with the company; I learned so much under the guidance of Senior Designer, Charles Yoakum, who always supported my ideas and challenged my ways of thinking design. Through him my skills highly advanced, and I was able to take on more leadership roles with great delivery goals. I am very thankful to be deeply involved in every step for the most important projects, especially with the company's annual participation at the NeoCon Home and Workspace convention in Chicago Illinois.

NEOCON 2017 & 2018

A collection of design work that I collaborated with the Friant Neocon Committee for the Chicago Neocon 2017 & 2018 Events.

As a member of the committee, I had also submitted proposals and sketches of ideas that I had for giveaways and booth themes.

(Click on the image for a fullscreen view)


Designs for packaging of Friant products. Laminate finishes, Wood veneers, Fabrics, and more. These designs were inspired by upscale gourmet chocolates, because I wanted to focus on the material textures to make the art interesting.

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It was my responsibility to assist in managing the updates and creation of various Friant print collateral. These are a collection of some of the works that I have done.

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Friant University was originally a planned online learning class for employees. I was given the opportunity to take lead on the project. What started as a simple company introduction video proposal that I created with cartoon characters of key Friant personalities blossomed into something bigger and ambitious. Future plans grew into expanding the cartoon characters and incorporating them into 3D online video resource learning tools for not only employees but also clients, and the human resources department.


These are some of the designs that I created for the proposed introduction video. (Click on the image for a fullscreen view)


One of my biggest responsibilities were managing the Friant Catalogue Books. I worked closely with the Product Development Manager and the senior Mr. Friant on constantly updating the books and creating & designing new books for new products.

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A collection of some of the digital art that I created for the Friant web and intraweb.

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