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ECU The European Independent Film Festival

Graphic Designer & Resident Artist, Paris France

ECU The European Independent Film Festival is an organization based in Paris, France that hosts various independent film festivals all over Europe and annually in the city of Paris. The President of the organization is Scott Hillier, CCO of Zs2 Media Group, and former BBC War Correspondent.


I feel very fortunate and honored to be a part of the ECU Film Festival team, as I had learned so much and gained lots of design experience and leadership skills under the guidance of Scott Hillier and Team Manager, Kadi Lokk.

ECU annually hosts the Indie Film Festival at the special 7 Parnassiens Cinemas in Montparnasse.


A collaboration with a fellow graphic designer who worked on the covers and introduction pages, while I worked on the interior film categories, schedules and descriptions.

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This was a fun collaboration with photographer William Let and video editor Totie Herman.


We worked on a film introduction of the ECU Team that was presented on the big screen to to the audience on awards night. Our inspiration was the opening for the TV Series True Detective. I truly enjoyed meshing together background photos that I have taken with studio shots of each member to give an essence of their personality. The project was just completed within a few hours.

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A combination of digital, print and hard drawn designs to tie in with the organizations Indie roots, and to promote art and culture on a shoestring budget.

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Every year, ECU: The European Independent Film Festival is invited to participate at the Cannes Film Festival. The ECU team travels to the south of France to join the festivities.


Our main theme was vintage Cannes celebrities from the 50s, 60s and 70s. I created two sets of visuals: Group 1 using photo manipulation, incorporating ECU President and team members into past photos of the festival; Group 2 would be images of past Cannes celebrities and incorporating them into promos and ads. Visuals were used for both print and web; posted on social media. Photo manipulation.

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ECU on the ROAD

A collection of designs for print, web and social media, promoting and marketing ECU-ON-THE-ROAD. ECU travels all over the world and holds various indie film festivals.

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ECU Website

A collection of non-festival related designs created for website, social media, email newsletters and print.

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EUROIFC European Independent Film Channel

Before Netflix and Hulu there was the EUROIFC European Independent Film Channel, which presented free Indie Films from all over the world non-stop. These are the designs that I created to help promote the channel in Europe.

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